Else Activation

Activate Your Else

Step 1.

Watch the Video Here

Your Else IS possible, and now it’s time to activate it. Click the video on this page to get started now.

Step 2. Print Out Your Else Activation Card

Click the button to download and print out your personal Else Activation card.

Once you fill this out you'll want to keep it somewhere you'll see it every day (like your vision board, bathroom mirror, or even in a frame on your desk).

Else Activation Card

Step 3. Declare Your Else

Take a few slow breaths (the deepest breaths of your day so far). Close your eyes. Put your hand on your heart. Feel your feet on the ground. A few more breaths. Now ask:

What is your unique flavor of freedom, ease, and pure aliveness? In other words... What's Your Else?

Write it down.

Don't second-guess, don't limit. Your soul knows. Trust what comes through. This is a powerful declaration that sets your Else into motion starting now!

BONUS: Share with your Else People!

Sharing your cherished dreams among trusted people who 'get it' is one of the best ways to receive encouragement, ideas, opportunities, inspiration, and perspective to get your Else out of your head and into your real life. Tell us about your Else!

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