Step 3 – Member Congrats

Congratulations and Welcome!

You are the newest member of Else Society.

Here are the FIVE STEPS to get started with your membership right away:

1. Join Your Fellow Else People

As you have probably noticed, for better or worse, our lives naturally tend to reflect that which the people around us deem normal, realistic, and possible.

That’s why Else People is here for you to make connections and mastermind alongside awesome folks like you who are finding creative paths to freedom, ease, and aliveness - and showing each other the way.

Before you do anything else, click the button below to hop on over to your Else People group and, once you're in, hit the 'join' button. (Your request will be approved within 24 hours).

Then be sure to come right back to this page to finish your 5 steps!

“I’m so happy to have found a group of like minded people who see the world differently.”

“I would just like to say (exclaim, really) that this is not the only group I participate in but it IS the only one where I truly feel I've found 'my people'! Sending ❤ to each & every one of you!”

“I feel like I've found a second home, a place to create the life I want, surrounded by people who are also on the same journey.”

“I’m so excited to be a part of this group! I've only read through a few posts, and I'm already feeling inspired!”

“I have been striving for this for years and now am finding my family of other peeps that want it as well.”

2. Check Your Inbox

We've just sent you an email with everything you need to know about your Else Society membership, including your username and password that give you access to your online Else Hub, the ‘home base’ for all things Else.

Pop on over to your email inbox now and make sure you have received your welcome email.

Be sure to check your junk folder too, because you know how email can be finicky sometimes, and we want to make sure you receive all the awesomeness that’s in store for you!

Keep this page open while you go peek in your inbox, and then meet us back here!

3. Add Us To Your Contacts

We are here for you every step of the way. Our team checks our inbox daily, and you can expect to hear back from us quickly.

Take a moment now to add as a contact in your email address book.

This ensures important communications from us won’t slip into your junk folder by mistake, and you’ll have us at your fingertips any time you need us.

Remember, if you ever have questions or need support with your membership, please email us any time. We’ve got your back.

4. Activate Your Else Now

Your Else IS possible, and now it’s time to activate it so you  can jumpstart the path. Click the video on this page to watch now.

And Print Out Your 'Else Activation' Card!

5. Dive In & Make Yourself At Home!

Your Else Society membership comes with layers of support and lots of awesome content, and it awaits you now in your online members hub.

Grab your username and password from your email now, and dive in!

(Your username & password have been sent to you via email)