Step 3 – Be an Else Spark

STEP 3. Be an Else Spark

Your voice and perspective are being summoned.

There’s something about Else People. We are Possibility Seers. Way Finders. Creative Imagineers. Dream Protectors. Truth Seekers. Spiritual Explorers. Reality Shapers. And when we find each other, well, things start to shift.

If you have something important to share with this world, we invite it. If you are a natural catalyzer of people, please catalyze with us.

As an Else Spark you are invited to contribute your own stories, insights, photographs, and teachings to be included in Else Magazine and

You are invited to grow the society you have been seeking, by using your unique voice to include those who inspire you and whom you inspire. After all, we create our world together.

Creation Likes Company.
Let's Grow Else Society Together.

If You Know You are a Natural Born Catalyst for the World We Want to Live In, Become an Else Spark.

"This is the direction the world is heading now. People everywhere are doing life differently - it’s already happening - but there’s nowhere for us to all be in the same place. I’m just so glad Else Society exists!"

Daliah Torrez, Denver CO

"Thank you for sharing your light with me. I honor you and I celebrate you for being a stand for the transformation and a change agent."

Lisa Nichols, Motivating the Masses

"The world is changing rapidly. More and more people are breaking the mold, blazing their own paths in life. I'm already a big fan of Else Society!"

Alex Reyes, Mexico City