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We look forward to gleaning your wisdom in our upcoming Else Learn course, our exclusive interview-style teaching series just for members of Else Society!

We know your knowledge & insights will inspire and empower so many folks out there who know there is more to life than the stress-struggle-sacrifice-repeat hamster wheel, and it is our honor to introduce you to the people of Else.

Please complete the two steps on this page and we'll be all set!

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  • Do you have a favorite free tool or resource you'd like to gift to our Else People? Please provide a link and a brief description so we can pass it along.
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  • What is your saying, phrase, or piece of sage advice that you often share with others? Please share something you have come up with personally, that you feel comfortable being quoted as saying (rather than a famous quote). This will be your unique #ElseThink which we may share on social media!

Important notes:

1) It’s a good idea to copy and paste your answers into a separate doc before submitting this form to avoid any tech snafus – sometimes technology has a mind of its own!

2) Please look for the confirmation page after submitting your materials to ensure your form is complete. If there are any required fields that are left blank the submission form will not go through.