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Thank you for getting your Else Learn on the calendar and submitting your episode materials. Our members will love it, and we're gonna have fun!

Until then...

Here's all you need to know about your Else Learn:

The When & Where

Once you've booked your interview, the calendar system should give you this info, but just a few reminders:

  • Please reserve at least 75 minutes in your calendar for our interview. We'll aim to keep your Else Learn course to 45 minutes, and then we'll record a separate 10 minute segment about your story. The extra is for wiggle room in case we need it!

How It's Gonna Roll

Your Else Learn course will be interview-style, and will follow the “LEARN” framework outlined below. This structure is designed to capture your expertise in a way that is both thorough (providing maximum value for our members) and simple (for YOU). Because you know your topic so well, you can speak to each of the questions naturally and with ease, with minimum preparation required on your part.

While our conversation will follow the LEARN framework for ease of teaching, it will also be organic and conversational at the same time. We have a permission slip to have fun!


Hey there! I recorded this 9-minute audio for ya, to orient you to the simple structure we'll follow for your upcoming interview. It's designed for ease because, well... ease. ~ Anne

Here is the basic outline of the LEARN Framework we'll use to guide our conversation:

L - Lesson

(30-35 minutes)

This is the meat of the interview, which follows these questions. Fill in the blank with the topic of your training, and voila:

  • WHY is _______________ a great path to creating your Else? (3-5 mins)
    What becomes possible for folks if they choose to pursue the topic you teach? In other words, what is the big benefit, why is it beyond awesome, why should we all be jumping up and down excited about this? (Because, holy crap, it's gonna change our lives).
  • WHAT is _______________? (1-3 mins)
    Might seem obvious, but sometimes we need simple clarification to ground a topic in. What is the definition of the topic you teach, according to you?
  • HOW do you _______________, step-by-step? (15-20 mins)
    The moment we've all been waiting for! Exactly HOW is it done? The simplest way to approach this section is to break it down into 3-5 steps. This is where we will spend the most time in the course, as we go through each step, one by one.
  • What CHALLENGES may arise when _______________ and what STRATEGIES can help break through them? (5-7 mins)
    This is our chance to get real, because just because it can be done doesn't mean it's always easy. Choose 1-3 challenges that you have faced, or that your students face, and your best advice on how to move through those challenges.  

E - Exercise

(5-10 minutes)

  • Walk us through a process that can support folks in applying your teaching to their own lives. This could be thought-provoking questions to journal about, a clarifying math formula, a visualization exercise or meditation, a new daily habit, a weekend challenge... anything you suggest that supports deeper clarity and momentum.

A - Activation

(1-3 minutes)

  • What is ONE simple action step that will put this awesomeness into motion NOW, in real life? This can be any tangible commitment, such as scheduling something in the calendar, making a phone call, opening an account. The simpler the better!

R - Resources

(1-3 minutes)

  • Share any resources you recommend. This could be anything from books, websites, apps, a must-see Ted Talk or movie - whatever resources you have discovered that support folks in the pursuit of your topic.

N - Next

(1-3 minutes)

  • What is next in the journey as folks pursue this path? If you offer support in this area through your business, this is an opportunity to share how you support people in moving forward successfully. NOTE: Please be sure that any opt-in gift or offering you share is evergreen (meaning it won’t expire) so that we can send Else people your way for years to come.

We’ll see you soon for your Else Learn! If you need anything from now until then, please reach out to info@ElseSociety.com.

High Fives!
Team Else