Else Talk Scheduled

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Thank you for getting your Else Talk on the calendar and submitting your episode materials. Our members will love it, and we're gonna have fun!

Until then...

Here's all you need to know about your Else Talk:

The When & Where

Once you've booked your interview, the calendar system should give you this info, but just a few reminders:

  • Please reserve at least an hour in your calendar for our interview. We'll aim to keep your Else Talk episode to 30 minutes, and then we'll record a separate 10 minute segment about your story. The extra is for wiggle room in case we need it!

How It's Gonna Roll

The beauty of Else Talk is it is super casual. This is a conversation you and Anne would likely have over a beer anyway - it just happens to inspire all those Else souls who get to 'eavesdrop.' Anne may follow a few show segments to give your conversation a bit of direction… yet it’s so loose you may not even notice shifting between sections! Either way, we’ll share this with you just so you can know what to expect.

  • A Slice of Life - Conversation starter that is open for anything... you can share about a conversation you had this week, your latest adventures, what you’ve been thinking about lately, or what you ate for breakfast, whatever.
  • They Said it Was Impossible - Something that you have done or are currently living or creating - or witnessing someone else create - that the mainstream world would consider unrealistic, unattainable, or just straight up unruly.
  • Truth! - A perspective shift moment that changed how you look at things, a nugget of wisdom you recently learned, an insight you recently had.
  • Whatcha Reading? - One fun way to do this part is to have a book with you and just flip open to a random page and read a short paragraph - it sparks conversations you and Anne could have never planned on! Or, you can talk about something you're reading and the conversation will evolve from there.

We’ll see you soon for your Else Talk! If you need anything from now until then, please reach out to info@ElseSociety.com.

High Fives!
Team Else