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Not So Distant NOW Challenge

The future you want is already yours. It's time to call it in.

It’s perfect timing for you to be part of the Not So Distant NOW Challenge because, the truth is, at this point in modern civilization, we’re at a massive turning point. Can you feel that too?

The old way of doing things (aka: the stress-struggle-settle-repeat hamster wheel way of living) is slowly fading away.

More and more people are straight up opting out of it and choosing something… ELSE.

These are the bold ones who have made the decision to rise to meet their desires, even in the face of all the shoulds, can’ts, and not-gonna-happens swirling around (inside and out).

The rare ones who decide to GO FOR IT even when mainstream society continues to remind you that these dreams you have are kinda crazy, if not just flat out unrealistic. The brave ones who just go and do it anyway.

There comes a point when you are no longer willing to settle for less than you know is possible for you.

It’s a powerful moment when you choose to stand fiercely for your own life, and the someday-maybe-hope-so vision suddenly becomes non-negotiable.

It’s no small thing. In fact, it’s a huge deal to reinvent your reality as you know it. That’s why it’s pretty damn awesome that you’re here. You’re in good company.

So the question for you is, what’s your Else?

Because everything you desire already exists. The future you crave is already yours. And, the time to activate it is NOW.

Over the next 7 days in the Not So Distant NOW challenge, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance, support tools, and accountability, so you can get to the living of what you truly want.

New Actions, New Reality. Let's Get Started!

It's simple to participate, and you’ll receive step-by-step guidance and support tools so you can get to the DOING of what you truly want. Join for free here.

Respecting Your Privacy: We promise to give you only awesomeness. No spam, no funny business.

Every day, more and more people are opting out of the stress-struggle-sacrifice-repeat hamster wheel and choosing something... ELSE.

What's Your Else?


Take a step toward your future, and let your future step toward you. You're in good company.

Roger May Headshot

“Holy WOW! That activation for The Not So Distant Now was incredible!! I got some much needed guidance and a renewed passion for my Else; I'm so grateful for this program!” — Roger May

Mayan Tran Headshot

“I feel like I've found a second home, a place to create the life I want, surrounded by people who are also on the same journey.” — Mayan Tran

Deatria Circle

“I’ve felt in overwhelm and obstacles for a loooooong time. At first I felt kind of “dreaming about the other side of the fence” but then the real magic happened! My mind is racing with a million ideas and I have real options of how to get there. Amazing!” — Deatria Cameron

Jessie Circle

“Thank you, Else! Mostly, thank you for creating this amazing space for people to share their unique perspective in the world. It truly will be life changing for so many people. Greatest concept ever!” — Jessie Spurgeon

Genevieve Berry Headshot

“For me, the first step in discovering my Else is just to allow myself to begin dreaming and considering possibilities. That's why these conversations are so precious.” — Genevieve Berry

Anthony Headshot Temp

“This is seriously awesome. I was really surprised by what I got out of the 'activation' session. I wasn't expecting that at all, but it makes complete sense. And it makes all this so much easier.” — Anthony Diaz

Join Thousands of Folks Like You for 7 Powerful Days

It's simple to participate, and you’ll receive step-by-step guidance and support tools so you can get to the DOING of what you truly want.

Respecting Your Privacy: We promise to give you only awesomeness. No spam, no funny business.

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What's your Else? We're here to help you make it so.

Else is a digital society offering creative ways to experience a life connected to what matters most, and a simplified path to make your most inspiring dreams possible.

We believe life is not meant to be the leftover scraps of evenings and weekends, nor is it a prize earned someday off in the future in exchange for years of tolerating.

We are not meant to settle for this stress-struggle-sacrifice-repeat hamster wheel that we’re somehow taught is the sensible path.

We deserve something Else. More Life in life. More of what actually matters, dropping what doesn't.

Whether you want to earn your livelihood doing what you’d do for the love of it anyway, or roam the world with no tie to place, or build a simple homestead with the spaciousness to follow your desires as they arise - you deserve a rich life designed around your unique flavor of freedom, ease, and aliveness.

Whatever your Else may be, we know if you desire it, it's meant for you.

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