Reinventing Reality

Reinventing Reality is Coming Soon!

I'm so excited to host this brand new audio series for you, dedicated to the magical + practical truth about (really) bringing your wild dreams into your waking life.

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Brought to you by founder of Else Society, Anne Perry


After spending her early adult years burdened by debt and suffocating in jobs that drained the life out of her, Anne reinvented her life. She set up ways to work remotely while traveling around the world, and has spent a decade living "tiny" in cottages, motorhomes, and houseboats. She has built several successful businesses that allow her to make a difference in the world doing exactly what she loves, with the freedom to take baths on Tuesday afternoons.

Nicknamed the "Reality Architect," Anne is honored to bring you Else - a digital society offering creative ways to experience a life connected to what matters most, and a simplified path to make your most inspiring dreams possible.

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