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There’s something about Else People. We are Possibility Seers. Way Finders. Creative Imagineers. Dream Protectors. Truth Seekers. Spiritual Explorers. Reality Shapers. And when we find each other, well, things start to shift.

We believe that as more of us design life around our unique flavors of freedom, ease, and aliveness, everyone benefits. As we choose more of what matters, and less of what doesn't, we elevate humanity. If you agree, we invite you to grow this new society with us. After all, we create our world together.

Here are some ways you can spark Else:

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Let your Else spark more Else. Here’s a fun way to do it: Simply share on social media a favorite photo that captures you in your Else element with a lil blurb about your unique flavor of freedom, ease, and aliveness. We will be on the lookout for the hashtag #MyElse and may feature yours on and/or in Else Magazine!

Be sure to tag @ElseSociety and include the hashtag #MyElse

Here are some examples:

3. Interview Else Founder, Anne Perry

If you have a podcast, magazine, or an audience that you feel would resonate with Else, perhaps an interview is in order! Contact us here to inquire:

  • Tell us a little bit about your audience / platform and what you have in mind.