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Not So Distant NOW

The future you want is already yours. It's time to call it in.

Here’s a quick checklist to orient you to the challenge:


Check Your Inbox - We just sent you an email confirming your participation in the Not So Distant NOW. Be sure to click the confirmation link in there so you don’t miss out on any of the support we’ll be sending your way over our next 7 days together.


Set Aside Time for You - The future you desire deserves your dedication, so make an appointment with yourself for one focused hour. You can dive in right now, in fact. The sooner the better. This is for you.


Download & Print Your Guidebook - This is your go-to resource for the powerful week you’re about to embark upon, and it includes a fill-in-the-blanks Not So Distant NOW tracking sheet that you’ll use to log your journey.

Your guidebook will walk you through the following steps...

Everything beautiful in this world started as a seed of a dream.

Step 1

Step 1. Dream It

The deepest part of you knows your dream is there for a reason. If you desire it, it’s meant for you. You wouldn’t desire it otherwise.

Dreaming, in fact, is a superpower.

Everything beautiful that exists in this world once started as a seed of a dream.

That’s why the very first step in your Not So Distant NOW Challenge, is to set aside time for dreaming.

You can do it right now.

Put yourself in a comfortable and inspiring environment, grab your Not So Distant NOW tracking sheet, and write down exactly what you want in this life.

When you’re ready, write down exactly what you want. Dream it up, let it in, claim it as yours.

Step 2

Step toward your future, and let your future step toward you.

Step 2. Define It

What to do, to get where you want to go… that is the question.

At Else, we’re all about less hustle, more EASE. So, before you let your brain decide on actions for you to take this week, let’s give your soul the driver seat.

We invited Lisa Berkovitz, a powerfully intuitive shaman (that’s right), to lead us through an activation journey for this step in the Not So Distant NOW.

Your next step is to tune into your Not So Distant NOW activation. This audio recording is exactly 33 minutes, so get comfy, and get ready to discover your soul-assigned action steps.

Click the audio file below to tune in and, when you're finished, pull out your tracking worksheet and write down 5 tangible actions you will take this week to move you toward your most cherished dream - your Else.

Tune into your Not So Distant NOW Activation here and discover your soul-guided next steps.

Motion sparks motion. Action cures paralysis.

Step 3

Step 3. Do It

Doing what you say you want. It’s a pretty obvious concept, right? Well, yes. AND, it’s where most people get tripped up.

Let’s be real here. Getting to the doing of it takes courage.

It’s an act of dedication to not just wish something could be so, but to take a stand for what is no longer negotiable in your life, and get your booty into motion.

Being the person who says they will, and then does? It’s no small thing.

Because new actions, new reality.

You in?

Each day of the Challenge, choose one action from the list you defined for yourself that you commit to taking. Be sure to grab your tracking worksheet and check it off as you do it!

Each day of the Challenge, choose one action that you defined for yourself that you commit to taking.

Sierra PJ Waterfall

Friends don't let friends reinvent reality alone.

Connect with others who not only get it, but who go for it.

Being witnessed is one of the most powerful ways to anchor in transformation, because when you share your shifting reality with others, you reinforce it for yourself.

Plus, it’s fun to receive virtual high fives from other bold folks like you who choose to do life differently.

So, do tell! What is the dream you wrote down (in other words, what’s your Else)? What did you take away from the Not So Distant NOW Activation?

What tangible actions did you choose for yourself? What are you noticing shifting in your life as you DO the actions you chose?

Share your questions, insights, and big wins here!